Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aiden and his big Cousin!

Ella is officially 7 weeks older then Aiden.  What a joy it will be to see them two grow up together, not just as cousins but hopefully very close friends! 
Looks like she is already being the typically girl...chatting up a storm and the look on Aidens face says it all.....a typical boy when a girl is talking to them.   Usually Aiden is rough playing with Ella.  We have to keep them separate for the most part but we had some rare moments of them playing that night. 

Little Ella has got her glasses since the last time we saw cute is she?  Just hoping my little fireball will not think that Ella has a new toy on her face!

This summer will be so much fun seeing them two interact together! 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stay positive!

Positive...such a strong powerful word!  Maybe not for all but I know it is for me!  A positive attitude can lead you in many directions in your life.  I have so many dear friends who have been very sick lately.  Simple as a head cold to a pretty nasty flu and a brain tumor and advanced stage of cancer.  The common factor I saw from them is the positive attitude they all had.  A young girl finds out 2 weeks ago about a brain tumor she has and I am so taken back at her positive attitude.  She is not even an adult and I don't think I could be so calm and collect and up beat like she is.  An old friend of mine who has 3 small kids and a wife of almost 10 years has been fighting cancer.  The last few months, the cancer took a bad turn for him and he lost his battle On Jan 2 but until the end he stayed as positive as he could.  The pictures he posted showed how he was not letting this get him down.  I hear stories of some things he said to others or just a simple text message to others.  Always with a positive attitude. 

Why so positive I wander????  Could I be like this.....right now I would say no!  I don't think I could handle this in any way.  I guess though when something like this does happen to you it must put things more in the life we lived and the life we are living and the life we want to live in the future.  Maybe the positive attitude buys more time...makes healing easier?  I guess staying positive for others will help too.  You know they say you act like the company you keep around you.

So I sit I think do I ever hold a positive attitude?  What brings me to a positive attitude when I don't have one.  Well I remembered how when I am having a bad day with the kids, the house is a mess and chaos is the main thing going on in my life I turn to facebook and my bloggy friends.  I realized that sometimes a simple picture can help or a nice comment.  I see how some of these families are already starting the next generation. I think how do I want to be portrayed as a grandmother?  So that helps me keep positive in my everyday routine...knowing these families had to overcome the same thing as me and look at them now.  I also find setting goals helps me take my yucky attitude and turn it upside down. 

Life is too short to think that we could have done this that way....what if we did this instead of that.   Enjoy the moments you are in as they fly by quickly. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Its a New Year so that means........  No it means time to make some more memories with the family.  I know its been a month since I last blogged but I am sure everyone can relate on how busy that season is it.  Then we had our fair share of some sickies in the house.  Now its that time of year where I wich the days went faster and we can just get to March!  It seems I can never get organized in Jan and Feb.  Things are out of place and I just hate getting myself and moving.  I blame the cold dreary days!  I let my guard down.  Now I can add a busy 9 month old to the mix again and well....time is not on my side.  Speaking of my 9 month old..he is such a blessing to have!  What fun he brings to our house!  The older kids Love him...and he always has someone to play with him. 

I have more pics to ad another time...I got a new camera for Christmas and as I type this I just realized it MIA  Yikes!!  But these are from my phone

At my mom and Dads house on Christmas Eve. The other three kids are my Great Niece and nephews. 

This is from Christmas Day at my In-laws.  This is our little niece who is 2 months older then Aiden!
Well I better cut this short....I need to find that Camera! 


Friday, December 13, 2013

Update on the Grahams

Ok Ok I goal was to blog more...and its mostly for my own enjoyment so I will just yel at myself and apologize to myself!    Of course this is one of the busiest times of years so time is not on my side. 

November came and went and my husband was sick for most of the month started with Gout and ended with almost pneumonia and with him have asthma/allergies it was not easy on him.  So my tag team partner was on I guess what we can call medical leave from household duties so I had to feel in for him also.  I always work more hours in November and December not just cause its a busy time at the store but I always need extra Christmas money....Santa doesn't work for free ya know!

Now December is here and everyone knows I love snow storms....but I never remember having this much snow before winter even started.  I love it in Jan/Feb when its a slow time of year and we get to have more of the nights where the whole family is home and we have movie times or game times.  We did get to mange a game night where all 5 kids (baby watched) and me and Mark played Apples to Apples.  Its been awhile for that game and it always makes for interesting time. 

Now onto my adult son.....well after playing around with the Air force for the last 9 months  he decided to give the Navy a try.  His weight was fine for them along with his test scores so he officially signed with them and has a leave date of July 9th.  Not sure how I feel about this date.  I am hoping they can get him to leave sooner, he needs it.  Its a bittersweet decision. 

I hope to post again before the Holiday but if not I wish anybody who reads this a VERY MERRY CHRSITMAS and a Happy Healthy New Year! 

Debbie G!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

So much to be thankful for

I don't even know where I can begin...well I guess I could begin with the fact it only took me three times to remember my password to sign into my blogger account.  Sitting here at 6 am with just me and the baby and the quietness of the house really makes me sit here and think about everything that I could possibly be thankful for, 

I am mainly  thankful for the 6 kids I have been blessed with.  Just from having them, gives me so much to be thankful for from the past to the present and even the future!  I could not imagine what things would be like without any of them,  Of course we have chaos and there are times that myself and my husband just think to ourselves what were we thinking and then something hits us and makes us say oh yes that's why!  Of course we struggle with many things...what parents don't but that kinda stuff only makes us stronger for what is yet ahead. 

What a delight it was to go to Parent teacher conference and hear so much positive feedback about your kids.  I know we are not perfect parents and everyday of parenting is a learning process but good news like that makes you say to yourself....we are doing something right....  I am thankful that with all the challenges we have in our life that me and my husband are making it all work out!

There is so much more to be thankful for but all those things work together to make me a Thankful Mother and Wife and to me that is the most important and everything else falls in place.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Life is crazy but got to remember we are still blessed!

So over the last two weeks I have been on an emotional roller coaster.  Having 6 kids will do that but its been more of a challenge to be a parent of a 18 year old graduate from High School and still no stability yet.  I will hold nothing forgive my dear Kevin if you ever read this!  Kevin has been a pretty good kid.  Never gave me much trouble at all.  I never had to worry about him that much he communicated with me more then most his age and he was very active in Boy Scouts (earning his Eagle at 15) and was a part of the ROTC and was in the High School Marching Band along with being in the YOUTH CRIME WATCH in the high school.  Was his grades straight A's.......nope but he did go from 6th grade-11th day without missing a day of school.  So as far as from a parents view...I was blessed with a good kid considering what I see and hear about boys his age.

This brings me to a few days before he actually graduated....we butted heads and pretty much he left my house right after commencement and went a few days from hearing from him.  They wee make up he says he will change his ways.  I saw him trying but something still was not right.  Within 6 weeks we butt heads again and he left the house yet again.  Now this is 2x in 2 months.....a slap in the face to me.  Would it have been easier to struggle with him during his 4 years in High School or was he just making up for it now? 

He did manage to work the 2 jobs during the summer and in talks with a recruiter from the Air Force.  He needed to loose about 20 pounds and that shocked me cause he was not even the heavy but a rule is a rule.  He also kept missing the score he needed to enlist by 2 points so he still had lots of work to do.

Getting his license on his 18th Birthday in March he was not driving long.  We decided to let him but the truck from us for $3500 and we still owed almost $6,000 on it so he was making out.  Kevin was good kid however he has some value of time and always in a hurry.  I noticed dents on the truck and my Mark would give him an day in July my husband witnessed him speeding down our street so we gave him warning.  Well within a few days what happen......yup...speeding ticket! 

Ok fast forward to 6 weeks later....I get that phone call at 11 pm.....on the other end I hear MOM I had an accident....its pretty bad.  OK the mother in me wanted to make sure everybody was OK but I couldn't get those words out.....the angry mother in me said whose fault was it?????  I knew it was going to be his...I just knew it...and I knew he couldn't have been that hurt if he was talking to me.  So yes he made an illegal turn and a car came through intersection and hit him.  $7000 worth of damage to the truck. 

To make things worse our insurance CO is giving us a hard time..still not looking that good in our favor but that's a whole other story.

Well I hope this opened up his eyes.  He did mange to go talk to a Navy recruiter and see what they can offer and he goes the first week in November to gat a physical and such and if everything goes well he gets to enlist that day.  I think that is what he needs!  He will get a new start to his adult life!

 I am thankful nobody was hurt and this could have been a blessing in some disguise???



Friday, October 11, 2013

6 months.....time sure does fly!

Today my little guy turned 6 months old.  This time has sure gone fast.  I don't remember it going this fast with my other babies.  Maybe its cause I am trying to slow this process down knowing how fast they actually grow up.  I am so blessed with such a happy baby.  I know I am the mom and I will brag on him but he really is...always smiling.....and I don't understand this crazy house of mine.  I am thinking he is going to make up for it when is about 2 and mom and dad have a hard time keeping up with him.

I just got done working 6 days straight...and I am whooped!  I had to do some bailing out of my own for the store.  Same scenario next week to.  Money is nice and so close to Christmas also.  Thank goodness I have a supporting husband and some awesome kids who step up to the plate and also accept the flaws of a working mom! 

I hope everyone out there in cyber world has an awesome weekend!